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Through education and involvement, the American Wildlife Foundation (AWF) encourages people to be responsible caretakers of our world. We empower individuals to make a difference by showing them how they can protect and preserve our environment.

Programs use a variety of media to develop an understanding of and appreciation for our environment, including pelts, mounts, casts/models, nests, posters, books, slides, audio, video, and craft projects, among others. Animals may also be brought to programs when appropriate. Currently we offer programs per request and as available resources permit. 

Description of Programs.
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Environmental Education Center & Nature Trail 
In 1999, AWF began work on its education center and nature trail, which houses our non-releasable wildlife residents on five acres of landscaped property. Here people can see native wildlife up close, often for the first time, as zoos tend to feature more exotic animals.

Off-Site Programs
AWF brings wildlife to our communities in and outside the classroom, depending on the time and resources which best serve both teachers and students. We bring conservation education programs to schools, libraries, community centers, etc., so children can experience and appreciate the environment and our native wildlife in the classroom. We offer complete study programs, or enhance and expand existing conservation or ecology curriculum. 

We work in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management and the Oregon Department of Forestry to provide quality programs at public lands for hands-on experience. When possible, we bring non-releasable wildlife from our clinic to make the overall experience even more memorable.

Programs at senior centers reintroduce the elderly to the environment, and bring the natural world back to often less mobile seniors. 

Research & Continuing Education
As we grow, AWF will offer research and continuing education for animal care and conservation professionals. Presently we offer information dissemination via internet, community outreach, education presentations, press releases, telephone response, volunteer training programs, advice on animal care and conservation per request, and distribution of excess in-kind supplies. These programs will be expanded as soon as finances allow. AWF plans to be a cornerstone for wildlife care and conservation information.

Program services are created and coordinated by conservation biologist and clinic veterinarian, Dr. Janette Ackermann. As the number of programs increase, and as funds permit, AWF will hire a seasonal program coordinator who will provide additional program services and assist with training volunteers.

AWF is seeking to expand capacity and enhance program services, replace used materials, expand the kinds of programs we offer, and increase the number of programs we offer to larger numbers of participants. And, AWF stretches every dollar spent by matching them whenever possible with in-kind donations, additional funds, and volunteer hours. Find out how you can help

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