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Animal Adoptions 
When you "adopt" an animal at AWF, you become a member, for which you will receive our quarterly newsletter. You also receive a Certificate of Merit which will contain a picture of the type of animal you sponsored, as well as the number of your specific beneficiary.

Songbird or Waterfowl 

Animal might be a cardinal, blue bird, duck, goose, robin, jay, finch, warbler, wren, rail, coot, or swan, among others. 

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Small Animal 

Animal might be a falcon, owl, squirrel, frog, rabbit, snake, turtle, or quail, among others. 

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Medium Animal 

Animal might be a raccoon, hawk, owl, weasel or heron, among others. 

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Large or Less Seen Animal 

Animal might be a deer, bobcat, fox, otter, beaver, badger, porcupine, or eagle, among others 

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Special Adoptions 

Cost of care of non releasable animals is the same as above and dependent on size, but renewable as required for lifetime care. 

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Please Note: 
The animals you are sponsoring are actual animals brought to the clinic for care. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee a specific species of animal at the time of the adoption, although we make every effort to fulfill requests. 

Also, on occasion, an animal which needs more extensive and costly care may be adopted by more than one sponsor to cover total cost of care. This is particularly true of permanent animals, which need ongoing care. 

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